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Keyboard repair

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If you don’t feel the cushion bubbly feeling underneath the keypad anymore it usually means that the keyboard mylar has been worn out or damaged. Usually this happens when you are a very high user and text a lot or there is probably some kind of moisture damage beneath the keypad.

Cellphone keys click but nothing happens:
You feel the bump which clicks below the keypad but nothing comes up on the phone, meaning the numbers do not dial. This means that there is some kind of disconnect between the keypad and the rest of the phone. Usually these signals are sent through very tiny flex cables and one of them may be damaged. This also happens over time from liquid or water damage and not necessarily dropping water on the phone but sweating on the cell phone’s keypad while talking for a long time or keeping the phone in your jogging shorts while exercising. These are all possible causes or it could be something simple like dirt or the flex cable came loose which is less likely.

Cellular phone buttons are too sensitive:
My keypad buttons are too sensitive. On some of the numbers when I’m trying to dial it repeats the number several times. Sometimes it doesn’t even stop the number gets stock and continues to be repeated and I have to take out my battery and reset the phone. This is definitely caused by a problem inside the phone. It could be that your keypad is so worn that it just has become too sensitive, but most likely some kind of moisture has found it’s way under the keypad or on the components of the phone that control the keypad. Be sure to choose the water damage cleaning option if there is any chance of moisture inside the phone. This will expedite your order.

I have to press my cell phone keypad so hard to get it dial that my fingers:

In this case obviously the keypad has almost completely lost it’s functionality which means more than likely the keypad will have to be replaced.

The above descriptions may seem like they all simply need the defective keypad or button replaced, but the problem could be caused by other things. We highly recommend purchasing this Repair Service and sending us your cell phone, so that one of our factory trained technicians can diagnose your cellular phone and find the exact cause of the problem. Once that has been determined you will be contacted before we proceed with the repair of your cellphone. Parts are not included with this service.

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